My Sister

I need to be reminded over and over about the importance of relationships. I can be a very introverted person at times or seeking only to spend time one on one with people. My sister, on the other hand, from what I remember was always a very outgoing person, yet we both shared the the written word as a way to express ourselves. When we were young we used to write together, though through my eyes as a ten year old, her stories were very deep and filled with “big” words that I was too embarrassed to admit I didn’t know. My stories were layed out in book form and I would think about what the size should be for the format and where the pictures should go. This was our departing moment, where I could see my future in layout and design and hers in the written word. We live a great distance apart, but have shared some wonderful experiences when we have been close, both figuratively and physically.

My sister went on to become a teacher and poet and most recently a writer of children’s literature. Her new blog can be found at, which is in its infancy but will be exploring literature, myth, her own writing and many other subjects. I like reading it and find it wonderful to reconnect again by reading her posts.


2 responses to “My Sister

  1. Thanks for mentioning my new blog, Jan. I love your jewelry designs – I think they capture a spirit of optimism – they’re unique and beautiful. I’m glad you’re still at it.
    I’m also glad you’re my sister.

  2. Your welcome and thank you. Your support has meant a lot to me too. To sisters!! Cheers.

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